18b, The Arts District, Downtown Las Vegas

First Friday and 18b

Artists, performers, musicians and creatives at large are getting ready for another vibrant First Friday event coming up tomorrow, May 1st 2015. First Friday is now running over 10 years  in Downtown Las Vegas, with the heart of art celebrated in the 18b Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas.


18b, The Arts District
18b, The Arts District, Image Source: 18b.org

The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas was established in 1998 and was originally comprised of an 18 block area dedicated to artists and live/work space. According to 18b.org, the area “is roughly bounded by Commerce Street, Hoover Avenue, 4th Street, Las Vegas Boulevard and Colorado Avenue.” The area has since expanded beyond the core 18 block perimeter and is recognized for it’s cultural diversity and openness. Fittingly, May’s First Friday theme is One World Through Art.

Art, Food and Drink


Start exploring the 18b district at The Arts Gallery, located off the corner of E Charleston Blvd and S Main Street. The Arts Factory is home to a variety of art galleries featuring work from local and visiting artists using a wide range of mediums. There’s a yoga studio if you need a stretch and to grab a bite or quench your thirst go to Bar + Bistro, an amazing place to sit outside while enjoying live music, sangria, and a tapas Spanish inspired menu.


The Arts Square is a stone’s throw from The Arts Gallery and is also home to a collection of art galleries and fringe theatre performances by the Cockroach Theatre troupe, establishing a home here after more than ten years of performances.

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