Got Great Buns?

One of the things most visitors miss out on in Las Vegas is the experience of small local business. Unless as a visitor you decide you want to find something interesting off the beaten path. While I lived in Las Vegas, two friends of mine came to visit and wanted to shop locally for something sweet. I hadn’t had a chance to dig deep and explore my area (Paradise) so I couldn’t recommend a good place for a sweet tooth other than picking up something at Sprouts on E Tropicana.

Enter Great Buns. This place is a slice of heaven and they have great buns. This is a family owned bakery operating in Las Vegas since 1982 (on Charleston) and on E Tropicana since 1988. In Las Vegas, that adds up to a long time mom and pop shop. My friends spotted the sign as they explored the different shopping plazas, walked in and brought home AMAZING pastries and breads. My favorite still is the Bavarian Cream Croissant. Completely decadent. Sweet. And did I say decadent? Also one of my faves is their Pretzel roll. I came in early one morning and bought a bunch that just came out of the oven. I have never been big on pretzels and the piping hot lightly salted pretzel rolls from Great Buns had me converted.

They also sell frozen pastas, breads, muffins, puff pastries – you name it they’ll probably have it. The staff are super friendly. Come in and check out their day old bread specials, more than a bargain for what you get to take home.

When you have a sweet tooth and find you’re not on the Strip, there’s a great local guilty pleasure waiting for you at Great Buns. They’re located at 3270 East Tropicana Avenue and are closed on Sundays.

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