Life is Beautiful


A great force building a strong Las Vegas community is Rehan Choudry, founder of Life is Beautiful (LIB). Life is Beautiful is a company driven to inspire individuals to overcome traumas and fears so they may live a passionate fulfilling life. Its first signature project was a music, arts, food and learning festival in the fall of 2013 also known as Life is Beautiful. It was massive a success with over 60,000 attendees assuring a return to continue the event annually.

Las Vegas Community - Life is Beautiful, Rehan Chowdhry, Downtown Las Vegas
Las Vegas Community – Life is Beautiful, Rehan Chowdhry, Downtown Las Vegas


Speaking at the Event Innovation Forum in Los Angeles in 2014 Rehan Choudry described the sole purpose of Life is Beautiful:

” …to teach people that there is love on the other side of those walls that you put up. That  social pain that you’re going through, while you’re unique your pain is not unique, there are people who are going through it with you, there are people who have been through it and there are people that have been successful getting on the other side. The company’s purpose was just to share that message.”

Social Platform

While planning the second festival, a website was created to continue the core message of Life is Beautiful. As discussed by Chourdy, the videos dealing with issues like bullying, coming out, fear of failure, chasing your dream were posted to show people going through similar challenges, fears or traumas what success looks like once you get to the other side.

On the topic of “Understanding the Festival Generation” in Los Angeles, Rehan Choudry shared how an experience with childhood bullying led him to develop the Life is Beautiful festival and social platform to inspire individuals overcome challenges and adversity. He The full video of Rehan Choudry’s presentation is here.

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