Rock in Rio Las Vegas, May 2015

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A massive event takes place this month in Las Vegas, and this one is on the Strip, it’s Rock in Rio Las Vegas. Rock in Rio is one of the largest music festivals in the world running since 1985. This month the festival has it’s first ever presence in the United States on 37 acres of land on the north side of Las Vegas Boulevard. Rock in Rio is considered one of the largest musical festivals in the world.

Rock in Rio’s first ever event was hosted in Rio de Janeiro in 1985. Roberto Medina, the festival’s founder, established an event giving a voice and face to Brazil’s youth and a platform to celebrate it’s artists; political dynamics changed in Brazil that year, with the end of dictatorship and the country’s first democratic elections.

Medina established the Cidade do Rock (City of Rock) in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, a 67 acre complex that 1.7 million people over 10 days. Approximately 100 million Brazilians followed the event by TV and radio. This would be an enormous event for a first world country, and was an incredible feat given the infrastructure at the time and the this project at a time of historic political transition in 1985. The event was a massive success, with more festivals in Rio before expanding to Europe and starting tomorrow kicking off on US soil for the first time.

Rock n Rio Philosphy

An open letter from Roberto Medina, cultural and festival visionary is here, with an excerpt below:

Rock in Rio’s philosophy and guideline can be summarized in this triad: convergence, coexistence, and permanence.

The festival is open to all kinds of people. It isn’t a heavy metal project, but it includes heavy metal; it isn’t a pop music project, but it includes pop music. Same with local music, dance music, music on the cutting edge, and much more. Rock in Rio celebrates diversity and gathers different people in the same place. It offers what any individual could exactly want on some specific days, and attractions almost bigger than a stage can handle every day. It’s designed to spark allure for youth and families alike, as it’s created to include everyone, even kids.

Rock n Rio Las Vegas Event Information

The Las Vegas Sun gives an excellent breakdown of the event from the line up, what’s happening on Rock n Rio Rock Streets, event map, getting to and from the event and important tips. It’s important to note vendors will not be accepting cash or credit cards. All purchases will be processed with an rfid wristband provided to you with ticket purchase. The Sun recommends topping up that wristband before entering the festival. Also highlighted, drink a lot of water! May can be hot in Las Vegas, and with an anticipated 85,000 attendees, it’s important to stay hydrated in the desert heat.

Some of the bands playing this weekend:

May 8: Mana, No Doubt, Theophilus London
May 9: Metallica, Sepultura, Foster the People
May 15: Jessie J, James Bay, Taylor Swift
May 16: Empire of the Sun, Big Sean, Bruno Mars

Rock in Rio’s Festivals by Year and Location

Rock in Rio Classic Videos

Apparently, Guns ‘n Roses wanted Judas Priest to downplay their lights and effects, you can watch the result of Judas Priest’s full concert from the 1991 Rock in Rio festival at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Freddie Mercury was floored by the vocals of the massive Rock in Rio crowd at it’s first 1985 festival. Watch the historic crowd sing a long to Love of My Life here.

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